Jan 25, 2009

Kara & Aaron : Newlywed Session

So I know I just posted Kara & Aaron's wedding (like, 2 seconds ago...) but I just had to post their Newlywed session as well. The day after Christmas we met up again and had their session at Rollins College in Winter Park. Rollins is probably my favorite place for couples photos. The architecture is gorgeous and makes a perfect backdrop for photos. I had just as much fun with them this day as their wedding day. So enjoy! And check out their wedding below :)


Hooray for fall leaves!


I. Love. Golden. Backlight.





Kara & Aaron : Wedding

Kara & Aaron were married on December 21, 2008 (yes, I know. I'm little late in blogging this). I have been friends with Kara since the 3rd grade - she was one of my first friends when I moved to Central Fl and started at my new school. Kara is one of the sweetest people I have ever known, always willing to help you out and has always been a great friend *she's been a bridesmaid in 6 weddings, that should tell you how awesome she is!* So when I found out that she was engaged, I knew that Aaron must be the perfect guy for her. And let me tell you, he is. I had only met Aaron once before their wedding, and he is the perfect fit for Kara. He makes her laugh, smile and she crazy for him. Just as he is obviously head over heels for her. I was so happy that my old friend was in love :)

They had their wedding at Tanner Hall in Winter Garden. Set outside by the lake, the ceremony was beautiful. But, my favorite park of the whole day was their First Look. Kara & Aaron decided to see each other before the ceremony, and I have to say, this was one of my favorite wedding moments ever. The looks on their face, the excitement, the laughter, and the love. It was so beautiful, their reactions to each other actually made me tear up a bit! *Thank you camera for hiding my misty eyes*

So take a peak at their beautiful wedding. Congratulations you two! I am so happy I was a part of your perfect day.


Guy on the left end, you made this photo awesome. Thank you.

I loved that all her girls were watching! They were all just as excited as she was :)


Seeing each other for the first time


Favorite from the day. I loved their First Look!



So gorgeous!





Kara's A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E nephew - look at that face!


Kristen *wedding in May!*, Kara, me & Kenna *wedding last June*
I've known all of these girls since 3rd grade. I'm so glad we're still friends!

Jan 22, 2009

For Rebecca

Rebecca, I have a surprise for you that I have been bursting to let out. This has been the hardest secret to keep, but I am so excited that I can finally tell you! Your sister-in-law Sondra (and my friend from high school) nominated you for a Trash the Dress session. After reading her entry, and also just talking to you from your shoot, I knew that a THD session just wouldn't be enough. It wasn't what I wanted for you, and not what you deserve. So for the past several days there have been plans hatched and things put into action, and here is the story that started it all:

"Rebecca & Ben met in high school in 11th grade. They dated for several years, Ben was in ROTC in high school, and after they graduated attended college with the help of the military. In the fall of 2002 they started talking about getting married. They picked out her engagement ring - she was so excited to start to plan their wedding for sometime in the Spring. Then in December 2002 he was called up for active duty to serve for at least one year in Iraq. They had to decide whether to wait to get married until he came back or go ahead before he left. Rebecca rushed to pick out a dress and plan a wedding for Dec 29th. After Christmas, everyone was back home and were planning for a Sunday afternoon ceremony. But with the military things are always up in the air and Ben was having trouble getting time off. It ended up being a situation where it would happen whenever he showed up. They had a friend of the family who was a notary, so she came over and everyone waited for Ben to show up whenever they let him off. For something so spur of the moment & unsure of when it was going to happen, Rebecca did not want to get all dressed up, especially with Ben in his military fatigues. The whole family always thought that when he came back from his tour they would have a reception or some kind of ceremony or celebration. But time goes by and you think that money can be better spent on other things like bills and babies. So now over 6 years later Rebecca still has not had an occasion to where her dress, eat the cake and have the beautiful memories to see in the photographs...." - Kathy, Rebecca's Mom (and slightly modified for web by me)

So Rebecca, I know you have been super disappointed the last few days not winning a Trash the Dress session. I am very sorry to put you through any grief, but I promise you, this will make your day. (If not your year. Yes. It's that exciting)

Miss Rebecca, with the help of your family, we are going to give you the wedding you never had. With the dress, with the cake, with family and friends to witness. And, of course, the photos to document it all. Every couple should have their wedding, a day that is for husband a wife only, a day they will always remember. So (surprise!) we are going to give you that day! You will carry a bouquet, eat lots a cake and I hope laugh till you cry. You are such a beautiful person, inside and out, and I know that you are going to make an absolutely beautiful bride. I cannot wait to share this special day with you, to capture those memories and to see the love rekindled between you and Ben. I wish I were only there to see your face while reading this! I hope that this has perked you up ;) and I will be seeing you, all in white, on April 25th, 2009. Congratulations!!

Rebecca & Ben

Their Family

Jan 19, 2009

And the Winners are...

It's time to announce the winners for my New Years/Birthday contest. Are you excited?? I am! I had such a difficult time choosing the winners, there were so many wonderful stories! They were all beautifully written, extremely touching, and all full of love. It was so SO hard to choose! But I have come to my final decisions (with the prizes being slightly modified, no one entered for a Sr. Session! So couple's session it is!) and am so excited about all of these winners!

So, here is goes! Congratulations to everyone :)

Kids Session
- Michelle Logan

Couples Session (instead of Sr. Session)
- Maggie Romanski

$50 Gift Card
- Amanda Braswell

Newlywed 'Trash the Dress" Sessions
- Tristen & Ben

- Brooke & Bryan

- Felicia & Joshua
- Sarah & Nick

Details about each love story or entry will be posted one the blog after their session. They were all so inspiring and lovely, thank you all for sharing your lives with me. I have the best clients in the world and could not be more thankful for the love that they all have for their significant others and their trust that they put in me. Thank you all so much I cannot wait to get these started! I will be contacting you shortly for more details.

A post wouldn't be complete without a photo! So here is a new photo of me that my friend and photographer Amy took during a wedding we shot together yesterday.

Congratulations everyone!

Jan 17, 2009

Online Ordering : Update

Hi Everyone!

I recently have changed the proofing and ordering part of my website. The new site for ordering is much easier to use, plus there are so many more options! Before you could only order prints, but now in addition to regular prints there are canvas prints, albums, greeting cards, proof boxes gift cards and more! To see your photos in a slideshow, everything is the same as before - go to www.ashleymccormick.com and click on PHOTOGRAPHY. Once in the site click PROOFING at the top, and use the password assigned to you.

The page you type your password into below should look something like this:

If you'd like to order prints or products from your session, the new site is: www.ashleymccormickphotography.com/photocart
When you go to it, it should look something like this:

From here, type in the password assigned to you for your gallery slideshow. To order prints you will have to make an account, so that your order will be emailed to me, along with the info to where to ship your new photos! Also, please check out the accessories store. There are all kinds of fun things there! You can even purchase sessions or gift cards for friends or family!

The site is pretty easy to navigate, but if anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me anything! Just shoot me an email at ashleymccormick4@yahoo.com

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Jan 15, 2009

Olyvia & Matt : Wedding

Here is the sequel to Olyvia & Matt's Sneak Peek. Olyvia & Matt were married in their home church, Central Baptist in Sanford, Fl. After a very rough start (I was in a hit & run pulling into the parking lot! Worst. Fear. Ever.) the rest of the day went beautifully. I knew Olyvia from my high school, and when I met Matt at our first meeting over a year ago, I knew they were perfect for each other. He adores her, and she also just as much. Before their ceremony started Matt had created an awesome video of their meaning of love. Not just our word for love, but three biblical words for love: Riyah, Ahavah, and Dode. It was absolutely beautiful. Matt, if you read this, you totally need to post that video on YouTube. It's inspiring. The entire ceremony was beautiful. So personal and unique, I'm sure their wasn't a dry eye in the place.

Their reception was held at Lake Receptions in Mt. Dora. The room was gorgeous. EVERYTHING was gorgeous. And of course, Olyvia & Matt are gorgeous. They are so in love and want everyone to know it. It's beautiful.

Matt & Olyvia, I know you will have a very blessed and happy marriage. Congratulations to you both!

So. Gorgeous.

Sweetest first dance. They couldn't get closer.

Matt made an outtakes video from the ceremony video. It was hilarious :)

Olyvia, is there any way I can convince you to do a Trash the Dress? Pretty please?

They finished the night with a fully choreographed dance. It was awesome! Too fun :)