Mar 28, 2009

Maggie & Jeff : Engagement

In case you haven't notice, it is engagement session week here on the blog. And following this trend, I want to introduce you to the amazing Maggie & Jeff. Amazing? Yes, that is the word I am using for them. Maggie originally contacted me through my New Year's contest, and after a ton of wonderful email chats, she and Jeff booked me for their wedding. Oh, and she won a Trash the Dress which is even more exciting :)

So last weekend we drove down to Tampa for their engagement session. And despite the fact that we were late due to Tampa's crazy under-construction roads (grrr) Maggie & Jeff totally rocked out their session. Seriously, they were awesome. The photos alone prove this. Plus, to sweeten it even more, Maggie had on an adorable dress from Urban Outfitters and hot little Jessica Simpson wedges. Maggie had picked out Honeymoon Island State Park for their photos, the perfect location with a perfect name! We started in the nature trails then ended up on the beach for a beautiful sunset. The light was absolutely gorgeous, perfect for photos. The two of them are so in love and so crazy adorable together, I cannot WAIT until their wedding at Lakeside Inn and their Trash the Dress after.

There are a ton of images, but I just had such a hard time choosing my favorites! So everyone, please enjoy the lovely Maggie & Jeff!

Cutest. Engagement Dress. Ever.

How cute is she?!


Loved this sky!

I wish I had the west coast for sunsets every day!


Even though this is simple, I think this is my favorite of the day.
I love both of their expressions :)

Mar 27, 2009

Beth & John : Surprise Engagement

A few months ago I was contact by John, who wanted to surprise his fiance with an engagement session while visiting Florida from Pennsylvania. Beth had found me online, but because John wanted to surprise her, he told her I had moved to Washington. So in Beth's mind, it was a no-go. John figured if he put me out in Washington there was no way she'd be able to hire me!

As the date John and I had scheduled got closer, he emailed me with questions about locations, what to wear and what to expect. I wasn't sure what he was going to tell her. But I hoped he'd a least prepare her for the shoot! I mean, what girl wouldn't be upset if a surprise photoshoot was thrust upon her without notice?! Hair and makeup must be done! But Beth is super cute and would have looked amazing either way. With notice or without.

The big day finally arrived and as I pulled up, John and Beth were sitting on a bench waiting for me. I walked up to them, said hello, and Beth just had a totally confused look on her face saying "who is this person?" John looked at me and said, "Well, tell her who you are" to which I replied, "Hi! I'm Ashley McCormick!" to which I got a "OMG I THOUGHT YOU MOVED TO WASHINGTON!? ARE YOU SERIOUS?! REALLY?!" I couldn't stop laughing and neither could John. I was so excited that his surprise worked out and during the shoot it was so obvious how much he loves her. Even though there was a little white lie involved, it was totally worth seeing the love and excitement that the two of them shared.

Congratulations you two on a beautiful releationship. Even though I am unable to shoot your wedding, I wish you nothing but happiness in your marriage together. I know that your life will continue to be full of wonderful surprises.

Mar 24, 2009

Callie & Ryan : Engagement

A couple weeks ago I met up with Callie & Ryan in St. Augustine for their engagement shoot. They are getting married at a beautiful old church in St. Augie, and their reception will be at the fabulous Casa Monica Hotel. Callie & Ryan are two of the sweetest people I've met. Absolutely adorable together and completely genuine. We started their shoot at Flagler College, right by Casa Monica, and took a little walking tour of St. Augie, ending up at the church of their ceremony. I cannot wait until their wedding this June, Callie is going to make such a beautiful bride! *And Ryan won't be too shabby either ;)

They both have such gorgeous eyes!

Casa Monica in the background :)

I am kinda IN LOVE with these stairs. We will totally be rockin them during the wedding!

Mar 18, 2009

Noah : Contest Winner

Noah's mom, Michelle, entered him into my New Year's Contest for the kids session and won! (hooray!!) We finally were able to do his session a few weeks ago, and little Noah was awesome. He was so adorable, had the biggest brown eyes, and made the cutest faces (see below). I am so glad that Michelle entered him, and that I got the spend the day with this great little family!

Look at those peepers!

Adorable little face

Ha! This one just cracks me up

Seriously excited about playing in the stream and not getting in trouble :)

Mar 16, 2009

Heather & Troy : Sneak Peek

I had such an amazing time with these two, I just had to post a few faves :) I can't wait to go through the rest - They totally rocked it out!

Mar 8, 2009

Tommie, Doug & Randa : Family

I recently had the pleasure of photographing this super cute family. Referred to me by Rebecca (the surprise wedding bride! - Thanks girl!) we met up with them in The Villages and they totally rocked out their shoot. Especially Randa, their little girl, she was the perfect model. The light was absolutely gorgeous on that day, proof positive by the 2nd to last shot.

Tommie, thank you so much for allowing me to photograph your family. I had such a wonderful time with you, and I hope these photos reflect that! And Rebecca, you made the best lens cap and battery carrier EVER ;)