Sep 28, 2008

Felicia & Joshua : Engagement

Ok, so I am still just as excited as I was last night. At the end of our shoot Felicia asked, "How long till we see our photos?" With my reply being, "Two-three weeks. I have a lot of other work to finish." But I was so excited when I got home, that I had to edit everything right then. So, Felicia and Joshua, I lied. Your photos are done now!!

Photographing these two was a dream. They are both so in love, constantly kissing each other and snuggling close, practically every shot was a great shot. They have so much fun together, it just shows me how absolutely beautiful and strong their marriage will be.

So, instead of posting more photos (since I did some of that yesterday) they are the first couple EVER to be put into my new slideshows. So just click below to see more of their engagement session.

Thank you so much Felicia & Joshua for choosing me as your photographer. Photographing you two just brightened my day, and I am even more excited about your wedding that before!

Sep 27, 2008

Felicia & Joshua : Preview

Ok, I couldn't wait. Tonight was just one of those shoots that I knew the photos were going to be amazing, so I had to put just some of them up. These are only from my first card, the others are still downloading! (This is how impatient I'm being) There are going to be so many gorgeous photos of these two, it's ridiculous how photogenic they were. I cannot even wait to see the rest! Thanks you two for rocking out my Saturday!

Sep 15, 2008

Stunning Runners

Hi Everyone!

A very good friend of mine (and one of my brides!) recently started her own business of custom isle runners for weddings. She had a custom one of her own at her wedding and it was GORGEOUS and so unique! Now, after planning her own wedding and planning even more for her friends, she has decided to have her own business! There are TONS of custom monograms to choose from, and they are really beautiful designs. So please go check out her website at and spread the word to all of your engaged friends! Below are some photos of Bethney's runner at her wedding, and my favorite shot from their day. Just click on the photos to view them larger.

Congratulations Bethney on your exciting new adventure!!

Sep 8, 2008

Eve & Gregg : Wedding

This past Saturday I photographed Eve & Gregg's intimate wedding. With only about 40 guests in tow, the couple were married at the Canterbury Retreat in Oviedo. The grounds were absolutely beautiful! I felt like I was in North Carolina. I arrived just before the ceremony, in perfect time to photograph Eve finishing getting ready. They had booked me for only 4 hours, but the day just went by in a breeze! (And on that note... if there had only been a breeze! It was sweltering!) The chapel was nestled in the woods, and only held about 80 people. It was perfect and they were perfect. One of my favorites of the day was their son, who just wanted to be with them during the ceremony. She held him tight as they began their vows, completing their family circle. There was so much love in their family, everyone constantly kissing and hugging. Eve & her son even did their little Cheerio trick for me. After the ceremony we spent some time taking pictures around the property. It was so beautiful with the glassy lake and northern trees. I just need to say that every bride should schedule some outdoor time after their ceremony, the light is just incredible!

Thank you Eve & Gregg for allowing me to be a part of your day, it was definitely picture perfect!

Congrats Callie & Adam!

Congratulations to Callie & Adam for winning the Summer Wedding Contest! They will be receiving a 16x20 Canvas print of their favorite wedding image for being such a fabulous couple. Thank you to everyone who voted, and all you other summer brides, thank you again for allowing me to be a part of your day!

Sep 2, 2008


In August my husband and I went up to Milwaukee to visit ALL of his family. With 14 siblings on his mom's side, and 9 on his dad's, there is A LOT of people to see. At one of the family gatherings I stole away for a while with his young cousins (they're sisters) and got some amazing photos of them. Can you tell which one wants to be a model? I had so much fun with the two of them, and I found a love for the antiqued look with the two of them, they both looked so beautiful with that action! I am looking forward already to the next time we go up there, I know they'll have grown and be even more beautiful! Thanks Peter & Jenny for letting me photograph your beautiful girls!