Jul 28, 2008

Last Chance to Vote!

Hi Everyone!!

The WESH voting contest is ending soon (August 8th!) and I am currently in 4th place. I was in third, but just got bumped down :( So please, if you have a moment and haven't already, VOTE FOR ME!

I would love to be in the top three this year. It is very easy to do, just click the link above, or scroll down this page to the WESH A-LIST icon and click the VOTE button. You have to send in your email, but there is no spam, I promise!!

Thank you all so much for all of you that have voted, I really appreciate it!

More updates coming soon :)

Jul 17, 2008


Hello again! Here are some more detail about the Kids Photos. Just click on the photo to see it bigger. If you know anyone with kids under 12 years old, please send them my way! Thanks!!

Just Some Updates :)

Hi Everyone!!

I have some announcements for some new things happening around here at Ashley McCormick Photography.

• First off, this summer has been awesome, I have LOVED all of my brides, they made it a great May/June/July! I can’t thank you girls enough for providing me with such an easy way to take fantastic photos! All of you were beautiful.

• I wanted to thank everyone for voting for me in the WESH contest. There are just 3 weeks left to vote, and I can’t believe that I am holding strong in 3rd place! But please, if you haven’t voted yet, VOTE!! Have your husbands, wives, families, siblings, anyone you know vote too. I am so grateful for all of your votes and wonderful reviews already. Thank you all so much!!

• Soon I am going to be launching a brand new site dedicated strictly to portraits. I LOVE doing portraits (almost as much as weddings!) and I feel that they need a place of their own. The new site will focus on teens, kids, babies, families and pregnancy photos. I really want to build up my kid/baby work, so if you know anyone who has children under the age of 12 or a newborn please send them my way!

• On that note, because I really want to photograph some little ones, I am offering a special discount until September 30th, 2008 that any child/baby portrait session is half off. So if you have children under the age of 12, any session will now be $75 instead of $150 (What a deal!!). Plus, you will get a small proof album of the photos along with the shoot! Please just mention this blog post to receive your discount.

• To go along with our new Gallery Collections (see blog post below) I am going to be offering some new options for your prints. Soon you will have options such as metallic, pearl & linen paper, as well as canvas, standouts and matted prints. Also, I will have these adorable proof boxes to store your photos in. Photos to come soon!

• And finally, after the last wedding of the summer (Hooray for Callie & Adam!) I will be hosting a “Best Wedding 2008” contest. More details to come soon!

Hope you're had a wonderful July 16th!

Jul 16, 2008

A Fresh Start

After I woke up this morning, I walked from our bedroom, straight to the computer as I always do. (Who knows what emails you've received overnight!) As I sat at my desk, bleary-eyed, I looked around at all of the stuff that I had. There were just things everywhere! Papers, receipts, magazines, calculators, pens, headphones, books, you name it, it's near my desk. Last night I did some blog stalking, a favorite pastime of mine, and where other people had posted lovely little photos of their homes, clean and tidy, I realized this morning that I wanted my life to be that clutter free. Removed of silly little knick-knacks, paperless and organized. So, today I am starting anew and I am determined to keep our little house tidy and inviting. And soon I will have photos of my own to post of my clean and tidy house. Wish me luck!!

My Inspiration: Image from fieryeyed

Jul 14, 2008

Always Makes me Laugh

I absolutely love birds, especially fat or funny ones. And this one definitely tops the funny list! This is an exotic Bird of Paradise doing his mating dance. The hopping is just so cute!! I hope it makes you laugh as it does me!

Jul 13, 2008

NEW! Gallery Collections

Hi Everyone! Here at Ashley McCormick Photography we are starting to offer some new items, and I am so excited about it! The first in a new lineup of products is our awesome Gallery Collections. Take the photos from your session and display them on your walls for everyone to see! There are two different options for your photos, either framed or printed on canvas, both are ready to hang in your home!

There are 3 great collections to help you fill your bare walls: framed, canvas or mantle. Get your prints ready to hang in classic black frames, go modern with stretched canvas photos, or stack them on your mantle for a modern but still traditional look. You can create your own personal galleries, specific to your space, with photos from your wedding, engagement, portrait or family session *or combine all 4!*

They are the perfect edition for a new couple’s living room, a baby room, your entryway or bedroom! Collections begin at $400 and individual framed pieces start at $30, canvas at $80.

There are 13 different sizes to choose from, and 23 different designs. So pick from one of our collections or make one of your own! If you’d like to start your own Gallery Collection please give me a call at 352.516.1797 or email me at ashleymccormick4@yahoo.com

Because I am so excited about offering these new items, any gallery collection or framed/canvas print is 10% off until the end of the year! Please just mention this blog post to receive your discount.

Genevieve & Robert : Wedding

Genevieve & Robert had one of the most enchanting weddings I have ever been to. They were married in the tiny little town of Chipley, FL up in the panhandle. It was the perfect description of a one-light town! The church was absolutely beautiful inside, and Genevieve and her bridesmaids were some of the most fun girls I have photographed in a long time. I have so many shots of them laughing! I had a slight obsession with this green couch in the girls room, it was just so fun! Genevieve's dress was absolutely gorgeous and she was stunning in it. Robert and his groomsmen were equally as fun, all sporting tuxedo shirts after the ceremony and doing their best "Blue Steel" impressions. Unfortunately the rain drove us inside for the reception, but the little cottage was still perfect inside. Here are some of the highlights from their day, this wedding definitely ranks in my Top 5! To see the rest of their photos, please email me for their password.

Jul 7, 2008

Genevieve & Robert : Wedding

Ok, I couldn't stand it! I had to just put up these photos. She was so beautiful!! And the rest of the wedding was equally as gorgeous. More to come soon, I promise!