Feb 17, 2009

Christine & Mario : Wedding

Last month I photographed one of the most beautiful weddings at my new favorite place, The Courtyard at Lake Lucerne. Seriously Brides, you MUST check this place out. It's gorgeous!

Christine found me through another client of mine, Jessica (thanks girl!), Jessica & Mario worked together and she told Mario about me, who told Christine. I was so excited when she booked with me, I knew from our phone chat that we were really going to get along. I didn't meet her until the day of the wedding, but I felt like we were old friends. She and Mario were so sweet, so easy to work with and super photogenic. Their wedding was absolutely beautiful, full of laughter and lots of tears, there was just so much love coming from everyone. The day was perfect, the setting was gorgeous and Christine and Mario were so in love and excited to be getting married to each other. I even got a little teary myself!

Also, my fabulous friend and assistant for the day Amy tagged along and made the day that much better. We spent our time after the wedding taking promo photos of each other (you've gotta update those every once in a while!) and the location was too perfect to pass up! One she took of me is my new profile photo, thanks Amy!

So please enjoy this beautiful wedding and show lots of blog love to Christine & Mario. I hope that their marriage is just as beautiful and full of love as this day way. Congratulations you two!


I loved her simple bouquet. Perfectly elegant.

Always smiling!

Their adorable little girl!

Peering out of the gazebo, watching her come down the stairs. I love the expression on his face.

Ringing the Wedding Bell!

This girl is way too fabulous. Even candid she's gorgeous.

Gotta love little girls in frilly dresses!

I love this moment

Can I please take this wall with me everywhere I go? Thanks :)

Beautiful end to a beautiful day!


Kim S. said...

Gorgeous :)

Kim Kalyn said...

What a stunning location !! And ummmm ya - that ivy wall is freaking amazzzzzzzzzzzzing. Just so in love with that shot !!