Jul 16, 2008

A Fresh Start

After I woke up this morning, I walked from our bedroom, straight to the computer as I always do. (Who knows what emails you've received overnight!) As I sat at my desk, bleary-eyed, I looked around at all of the stuff that I had. There were just things everywhere! Papers, receipts, magazines, calculators, pens, headphones, books, you name it, it's near my desk. Last night I did some blog stalking, a favorite pastime of mine, and where other people had posted lovely little photos of their homes, clean and tidy, I realized this morning that I wanted my life to be that clutter free. Removed of silly little knick-knacks, paperless and organized. So, today I am starting anew and I am determined to keep our little house tidy and inviting. And soon I will have photos of my own to post of my clean and tidy house. Wish me luck!!

My Inspiration: Image from fieryeyed

1 comment:

Ben and Amy said...

I completely understand the "cluttered" feeling -- now more than ever with millions of boxes surrounding me! haha :) Good luck!

p.s. As soon as the house craziness dies down, we would love to get together with you guys!