Sep 2, 2008


In August my husband and I went up to Milwaukee to visit ALL of his family. With 14 siblings on his mom's side, and 9 on his dad's, there is A LOT of people to see. At one of the family gatherings I stole away for a while with his young cousins (they're sisters) and got some amazing photos of them. Can you tell which one wants to be a model? I had so much fun with the two of them, and I found a love for the antiqued look with the two of them, they both looked so beautiful with that action! I am looking forward already to the next time we go up there, I know they'll have grown and be even more beautiful! Thanks Peter & Jenny for letting me photograph your beautiful girls!


Ben and Amy said...

They are too cute! And so photogenic! The editing job you did is fabulous...the antiqued effect really is perfect.

Studio222 Photography said...

they're adorable!

Anonymous said...

Ashley, you should do fashion photography for kids.