Sep 28, 2008

Felicia & Joshua : Engagement

Ok, so I am still just as excited as I was last night. At the end of our shoot Felicia asked, "How long till we see our photos?" With my reply being, "Two-three weeks. I have a lot of other work to finish." But I was so excited when I got home, that I had to edit everything right then. So, Felicia and Joshua, I lied. Your photos are done now!!

Photographing these two was a dream. They are both so in love, constantly kissing each other and snuggling close, practically every shot was a great shot. They have so much fun together, it just shows me how absolutely beautiful and strong their marriage will be.

So, instead of posting more photos (since I did some of that yesterday) they are the first couple EVER to be put into my new slideshows. So just click below to see more of their engagement session.

Thank you so much Felicia & Joshua for choosing me as your photographer. Photographing you two just brightened my day, and I am even more excited about your wedding that before!


Felicia said...

Ashley you did a GREAT job! We are so happy with these pictures. I can't wait to see what you can do during our wedding!

Heidi Mitchell said...

Love the slideshow! So cute!

Ben and Amy said...

The slideshow is fabulous!