Dec 8, 2008

Satabria, Ariel & Piper : Sisters

I loved photographing these girls. Ariel & I reconnected after over 10+ years of not seeing each other. We used to do children's theater together when we were in elementary school, playing random characters in "Alice in Wonderland" and other kids shows. Ariel found me again, not knowing who I was (since my name changed when I got married) but I definitely remembered her name! How many Ariel's can there be in Lake County? I was excited to do the shoot, and see her again, we always had a fun time together when we were little.

Her sister was going to be home for Thanksgiving, and wanted some family photos done. And just like the Cantrell's, they hadn't had photos done in years themselves. I had so much fun with them; you could really tell they loved each other (and their mom!) and they made each other laugh. We also did their shoot in downtown Mt. Dora. Here are some of my favorites from their shoot!

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