Mar 27, 2009

Beth & John : Surprise Engagement

A few months ago I was contact by John, who wanted to surprise his fiance with an engagement session while visiting Florida from Pennsylvania. Beth had found me online, but because John wanted to surprise her, he told her I had moved to Washington. So in Beth's mind, it was a no-go. John figured if he put me out in Washington there was no way she'd be able to hire me!

As the date John and I had scheduled got closer, he emailed me with questions about locations, what to wear and what to expect. I wasn't sure what he was going to tell her. But I hoped he'd a least prepare her for the shoot! I mean, what girl wouldn't be upset if a surprise photoshoot was thrust upon her without notice?! Hair and makeup must be done! But Beth is super cute and would have looked amazing either way. With notice or without.

The big day finally arrived and as I pulled up, John and Beth were sitting on a bench waiting for me. I walked up to them, said hello, and Beth just had a totally confused look on her face saying "who is this person?" John looked at me and said, "Well, tell her who you are" to which I replied, "Hi! I'm Ashley McCormick!" to which I got a "OMG I THOUGHT YOU MOVED TO WASHINGTON!? ARE YOU SERIOUS?! REALLY?!" I couldn't stop laughing and neither could John. I was so excited that his surprise worked out and during the shoot it was so obvious how much he loves her. Even though there was a little white lie involved, it was totally worth seeing the love and excitement that the two of them shared.

Congratulations you two on a beautiful releationship. Even though I am unable to shoot your wedding, I wish you nothing but happiness in your marriage together. I know that your life will continue to be full of wonderful surprises.


HurtEnough said...

This might very well be the sweetest thing I have ever heard in my life. How nice of him to do that for her.

The pictures are amazing!!

Heidi Mitchell said...

They're super cute! Love it! What a great fiance :)

DGPhoto said...

Love their story - so cute!

Kim Kalyn said...

What a sweetheart !! Huge brownie points for him :) Great super fun beautiful shots as always!