May 17, 2009


Ok... ok... I know I have been EXTREMELY neglectful here on my blog (I have things from MARCH I need to post!!) but I promise I will be turning that around soon. Zach and I are back from our trip, and photos will be up soon! Also, I will soon be launching a brand new AWESOME and amazing blog that is a gazillion times better than this one. This is another reason I haven't posted much, I'm saving it all for the new blog!! And with the new blog launch, I'll be giving away some great prizes :D Everyone loves prizes right?? So please be patient and I promise everything will be up an running again shortly! But since every post needs a photo, here is one from our trip:

On the West Coast coming back from Monterey. Just before the sun set over the ocean

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Megan said...

cool can't wait to see the new blog.