Aug 9, 2008

Allison & Patrick : Wedding

Last month I helped my friend Carly shoot a wedding down in Ft. Lauderdale (my old hometown!)

When we arrived at the church, we had no idea how absolutely GORGEOUS it was going to be. The church was HUGE (just see below) and it was Allison's home church, she'd been going there her whole life! Allison and Patrick were adorable together, and they had a stunning wedding. Unfortunately some rain kept us from doing a lot of portraits of them (also see storm clouds below) but it was still a perfect day. And their friends really knew how and loved to dance! We wanted to get out there with them! So Thank you Allison and Patrick for allowing me to tag along :) I had a wonderful time!


Heidi Mitchell said...

That church really is huge! I love the photos. Nice work as always :)

Anonymous said...

These pictures are awesome Ashley! We can't wait to see th rest...we were so blessed to have you working with us. We love Ashley!!!
Allison & Patrick

The MI Sells said...

WOW! The pictures are amazing and captured every moment of this wonderful day. We were ecstatic to be a part of this celebration. Ali you are beautiful and the pictures captured it perfectly.