Aug 1, 2008

Kitties & Ikea

We just purchased some (long overdue) office furniture from the wonderful IKEA and once our new "Expedit" bookshelf was assembled, our cats put it to good use.

The brown & cream kitty is ours, Nibby, and the gray is Brody, we are kitty-sitting him for a friend who's out of the country (Hey Tiff!) Let's just say the Nibby "tolerates" Brody.

Zach and I were so fascinated by these two (yeah... we don't have a life right now) that we decided to film them playing in their cubbies. Enjoy!


Nathan said...

Ah, we love our bookshelf!

Just wish I had a finalized photo to share. It looks great against the wall and we have antique cameras and frames lining the top two rows.

Loved the youtube clip, by the way! :)

Heidi Mitchell said...

So cute!