Nov 20, 2008


This morning I had to get up super early for class (ok... super early for me is 7am, I am not a morning person) and woke up to my backyard filled with glorious frost! Frost? Glorious? Well, it's glorious for Florida and for me. And for November in Florida. I rushed in to Zach, so excited I could hardly contain it, giddy with frosty thoughts, and looking at me as if I had lost it, suggested, "Why don't you take some photos?" Of course, why didn't the photographer think of that. So I found my heaviest ski jacket, put on my shoes and trotted outside with my camera. Ok, I am not a landscape photographer and I will NEVER pretend to be, but I was super excited at 7:15am bouncing around my backyard photographing frost. We have a little stream that runs behind our house to a lake, and the steam coming off of it was beautiful. It truly felt like fall/winter, and despite my cold fingers, my heart was warm. Fall and Winter are my two favorite seasons, and though I'd like to think I could survive up North, I know I wouldn't. So I settle for a Florida fall and winter taking pleasure in any little bit they throw my way.

So Happy Fall and Winter everyone!

Look!! Red'ish leaves! How exciting!!

Water droplets are so much fun :)

Golden Rain blooming early. So beautiful!

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