Nov 17, 2008

I LOVE Amy & Ben

These two are definitely my all time favorite models. Hands down. I cannot take a bad photo of them, it's impossible! Even when caught talking or sneezing they look gorgeous. And for that, I love them.

Amy and I recently decided to put our photography heads and husbands together and do a photo-swap. Besides my wedding photos, I have NEVER had any nice professional photos take of the two of us. Everything we have is holding the camera at arms length in front of us, hoping to get the right angle, and not crop out our faces.

So we set up a date, freaked out about what to wear, dressed up the hubbies and went shooting. We were both wanting a more natural look and ended up finding this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G field only 5 minutes from my house (why had I not discovered this sooner?!)

We picked the coldest day in October in the past 50 years in Florida (it was a chilly 48) but still managed to get some awesome shots (no blue lips here!)

So here are some of my favorites from the day, and at the bottom, my favorite of Zach and I. Thank you again Amy and Ben for being so uber-fabulous and allowing me to photograph you whenever I want :)

Seriously. Gorgeous. Field. I love the light here!

Ben is so GQ

Definitely my favorite. Probably ever! I just loved this grass.


Ben and Amy said...

Ashley, you are so awesome! This day was such a blast...thank you so much for your kind words, and for making us look so good. :) Seriously, WE love YOU!

P.s. I'm not sure I believe you about the sneezing definitely doesn't feel pretty when I sneeze. haha.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures of all of you! So true that Amy and Ben do always look good in their photos -- of course, I'm quite fond of them and always think they are perfect :)
Amy's Nana