Mar 18, 2009

Noah : Contest Winner

Noah's mom, Michelle, entered him into my New Year's Contest for the kids session and won! (hooray!!) We finally were able to do his session a few weeks ago, and little Noah was awesome. He was so adorable, had the biggest brown eyes, and made the cutest faces (see below). I am so glad that Michelle entered him, and that I got the spend the day with this great little family!

Look at those peepers!

Adorable little face

Ha! This one just cracks me up

Seriously excited about playing in the stream and not getting in trouble :)


darby, myweddingfilm said...

I love his eyes in the second photo! So chocolaty and sweet. And I love his expression in the last one! Great stuff!

Ashley McCormick Photography said...

Thanks Darby! He was such a sweetheart :)

Megan said...

So sweet!

Amanda said...

Seriously the cutest kid I have ever seen!!! :D

Michelle said...

the pictures are amazing ashley, we are in total love! :) it's pretty hard deciding on which ones to order! ha. thank you so much for this great opportunity!!

Nancy said...

Such an adorable child! He is the cutest. That's a great picture of his parents too.