Apr 21, 2009

Lacy & Louie: Wedding

For two people who claimed to be horribly un-photogenic, Lacy and Louie made for one of my favorite weddings ever. Not only were they RIDICULOUSLY photogenic, but they had me in stitches all day, constantly making me laugh. They are the couple that I always dream of: crazy fun, photograph beautifully, and totally in love.

They got married at the Winter Park Farmer's Market in downtown Winter Park on April 5. The weather was beautiful (albeit a little hot, see photo below) and perfect for their afternoon wedding. I seriously had such an amazing time with this couple, I couldn't believe just a few months before at our first meeting that they kept telling me "We don't do photos, we're not photogenic, we don't like cameras."

The day flew by so quickly, but luckily we had some time during the choreographed dancing (no Electric Slide for these two!) to go out and take some photos around Winter Park. They rocked it out, making want to ditch their reception all together and just keep snapping away. Here's a little note from Lacy that just absolutely made my day:

"Ashley, I just wanted to thank you for taking such beautiful pictures of our wedding! Louie and I could not possibly love the pictures more--they are amazing and you did a wonderful job of capturing our all of our happiness and excitement. Also, we really appreciated how you made the picture-taking fun and relaxed (we were both kind of nervous about the whole picture-taking thing, but you were awesome and totally put us at ease). We really can't thank you enough--I'm thrilled that these are the images that we will have to remember our wedding day. Thank you so, so much! - Lacy"

Thank you, Lacy and Louie, for allowing me to be a part of your gorgeous wedding day. I am so happy that you trusted me to capture your day, despite your photography fears. ;) Congratulations on a beautiful marriage and what I know will be a beautiful life!

Gorgeous details

So cute!! They were so happy :)

This is the moment in the afternoon when it was crazy hot and the cater brought them some water. Do you see the desperation in their faces? haha I love this shot!

First Dance

Favorite #1

Favorite #2 I loove this photo :)

The "Ironic Dance" = dancing awkwardly to modern music

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