Apr 14, 2009

Jessica & Arturo : Engagement

When Jessica called me and told me that she was getting married, I was so excited. I've known Jessica since I was 16, when we worked together in the best ice cream shop ever, LaCremerie. We always had a blast when we worked together (even if we did have sprained wrists from all the scooping!) but as we grew up, we left LaCremerie, and parted ways. So when she called to tell me that she was engaged and that she was getting married this summer, I couldn't have been more excited for her. Not only is she marrying a fabulous guy, Arturo, but the girl has was too much style, it's really not fair. (I'm talking skirts and heels everyday. It's inspiration) ;)

So for their engagement shoot we trekked down to Rollins College together with their little bundle of joy, Prince, had the whole campus to ourselves, and they totally rocked the shoot. Prince kept us laughing the whole time (note the 3rd photo down...). He was so excited about the shoot, that we had to tether him to Jessica's purse so he wouldn't go prancing off through the campus. He was great :)

So even though Jessica broke out of her skirts and jeans, they still looked amazing in their "matching" outfits, down to the shoes. Even Prince had his own matching sweater! They were adorable. This is probably the BIGGEST engagement post ever, but I just couldn't narrow it down. They are so obviously in love, and I am now even more stoked for their fabulous summer Miami wedding. I can't wait!

Prince was such a doll. I loved him!

Here he is, tethered to the purse. This just cracked me up

I LOOOVED all of these little flowers that had fallen to the ground :)

Check out their shoes! It was so cute! :)

Yummy afternoon light

Probably my favorite from the day

Or maybe this one ;) I think he's in love


Starks Photography said...

What a cute couple! These photos are great! The one with the yellow flowers on the ground is my favorite. We're heading to Rollins this weekend for a shoot and I'm hoping those are still there! haha. :)

Curtis Copeland said...

Adorable photos! You really captured the romance between Jessica and Arturo. Thanks for sharing!

Maggie said...

My favorite is the last one! The dog's expression is priceles! They're all great though. I might have to recruit our beagle for the dress-trashing/post-wedding shoot this fall! See you in August! (it's so soon!)